We are OPEN!

FEBRUARY SAMPLER SALE. 7 Days Unlimited Yoga for $35. Choose any time in February to start! Great opportunity to try a variety of classes and teachers. Also, enjoy a health service treatment at 10% off!

Welcome to The Island Heron!

The Island Heron is located in downtown Jamestown and complements the uniqueness of the island by offering classes that suit the needs of the community. A variety of yoga classes, massage therapy, and other wellness services are available each week. Bringing the outdoors inside: bright, natural sunlight, plants, bamboo floors and the community energy promotes conscious living and inner peace.

Inspired by herons who are symbols of grace and wisdom, we’ve created a place for people to awaken these qualities within themselves.

With a cozy feel and personalized attention, all levels and everyBODY is encouraged to visit. Be free...all are welcome.


New to Yoga?

We have a variety of classes throughout the week to accommodate beginners.

Click on our CLASSES tab or contact us to find out what may suit you best.


Upcoming Events

Stress & Vitality - Kundalini Yoga

With Barbara Schlubach

Sunday - Feb 7th @ 1:30pm


Yarn & Yoga

with Lauren McCombs

Saturday, Feb 20. 1pm



Sound Healing Session

with Joe Hayes

Friday, March 4. 7pm



Mindfullness Extended Practice

with Priscilla Szneke

Saturday, March 5. 1pm